Ladders ,Buffer and Reagents

خریدLadders ,Buffer and Reagents از کیت ایران

Size Cat No DNA Ladder
500 µl YT8501 50bp DNA ladder
500 µl YT8503 100bp DNA ladder
500 µl YT8507 1kb DNA ladder
Size Cat No Buffer & Reagents
25 gr YT9059 Agarose
50 gr YT9060 Agarose
100 gr YT9057 Agarose
500 gr YT9058 Agarose
1 ml YT9052 Proteinase K (20mg/ml Rready to use)
5 ml YT9052-5 Proteinase K (20mg/ml Ready to use)
200 mg YT9053 Proteinase K (200mg) Lyophilized
1 ml YT0001 safe Stain (Green ) instead of Ethidium bromide
1 ml YT1506 Loading Buffer 6 X

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